Our offer:

Supplying of devices, designing, assembling, start-up, services:

Biomass heating systems: water boiler-r,ooms, air heating of construction, industrial and agriculture objects,  

Temporary and stationary air heating by using of biomass:
agriculture objects - columnar and floor dryers, sacral objects - churches, entertaiment - tents and stages, etc,

Modular batch dryers for grain and different material with similary fractions.

Buffer systems of heat recovery

Installtion of Renevable Energy Sources:
photovoltaics, sun collectors, heating pumps.

Modernisations of gas, oil and coal boilers-rooms by convertions into biomass, including devices supervised by Technical Supervision Office                                

Services of solid fuel boiler-rooms

Construction, selling and renting of car-trailer, mobile pellets air heaters with efficiency 100 - 300 kW

Company ZINERG Sp.z o.o. issued beased of many years experiences of companies F.H.U Jacek B±k, Olesno and Pellet Serwis Paweł Biernacki, Sołtyków k. Radomia.
Please go to web sities both companies for acqainted with detailed offer: